Monday, May 23, 2011

Gunn's Golden Rules

Oh how we love Project Runway!  So when we discovered Tim Gunn had penned a book, we simply had to add it to our lineup.  We were expecting something light and witty, and for the most part, Tim delivered.

Gunn's Golden Rules:  Life's Little Lessons for Making it Work.  It's part ettiquitte, part story-time.  Our main complaint:  the book can rabbit-trail, and lacks an overall cohesiveness.  Sometimes the chapters just end, and you can't remember which "rule" you started with because the storytelling went to a completely different place.  We also thought the ending was a little weak.  We wanted more of a "final thought" or something that would wrap it all up and leave us ready to "Make it work!"

That being said, Gunn's writing is very true to his voice.   He's warm and witty and sarcastic and slightly snarky (though he claims he constitutionally incapable of being so).  The crazy stories from the fashion world and the glimpses behind the scenes of Project Runway were consistently funny and satisfying.  And we enjoyed the stories from his personal life too.  We love Tim Gunn and we're happy that we read his book.

Next up:  Here Burns my Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs

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