Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lovely Bones

This month we discussed the book “Lovely Bones.” The book was Kate’s pick, and our meeting just happened to fall on Kate’s birthday. What a lovely coincidence.

Everyone was completely on the ball this month too. For the first time in Paige Turner history, all of us had completely read the book! (Even Erinn, who unfortunately couldn’t be with everyone on Tuesday night.) Whoo hoo! Everyone gets a gold star!

The general consensus on the book: The first 75-80% is great, but the ending let us down a bit. We liked how the book flowed. It was really easy to read either in segments or in larger doses. The mother was infuriating, but Buckley, Sam, Hal and Grandma make it to the top of our favorites list. We enjoyed the glimpses of heaven, and wish we could have seen more. Also, our advice to heavenly onlookers: If you ever get a chance to have a “Ghost” moment….we want you to enjoy it, but please use your time on earth wisely! Share your knowledge!

Next up: The Secret Life of Bees. (Sarah’s Pick). We will discuss it on November 11th. I think we decided that no one should see the movie before reading the book. So stay strong! I’m sure we’ll organize a movie outing at some point.

Picture time:

Here’s Kate with one of her presents: the new Twilight calendar.

This meeting was also special because we all made (or brought) masks. We’ll post more on that later…but for now, here’s lovely group shot.