Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I do believe this is the "most trendy" book we have read as a group.  Meaning:  Right now people are reading it, wanting to read it, talking about how much they liked seems to be everywhere.  We're cool girls, don't get me wrong.  But our meandering literary path took us very mainstream this month.  Having said that, everyone really enjoyed this book.

A large number of our regular attenders were out of town, so we welcomed a few new faces to make up for it!  They fit right in.  Rabbit-trailing like pros.  *wink*  It's a beautiful thing.  Balancing fellowship with jabbering and managing to fit a meaning discussion about the book in as well. 

We talked about the characters and their voices.  We talked about racism, self-esteem, social dynamics, and choices.  We talked about the bravery of Skeeter and her friends.  And we talked about how sometimes the brave thing and the right thing may cause waves, but leave things pretty much unchanged, and yet somehow still be the right thing to do.  (That was actually something that bothered me a little bit.  How nothing was really different at the end of the book.) We talked about how class distinctions in any form don't have to be inherently degrading.  And we talked about how these issues, prejudices, and mindsets might be reinterpreted in the years to come.  Will we be able to recognize flawed thinking and injustice when we see it?  Will we have the courage to listen, to stand up, and to tell the meaningful story...even if there's a chance it won't change anything?  I enjoyed listening to Anna and Lynn share stories about the beautiful houses of West Annapolis and the families that make homes.  Good discussion indeed.

And of course there was chocolate pie for all.  No extra ingredients included of course!

So...Lynn and Anna, welcome!  Erinn and Amanda, thanks for holding down the fort.  Everyone else, you were missed.  I hope to see you soon.

Next up:  The Hunger Games by Suszanne Collins.

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Heather J. said...

Wow, with next month's pick you gals will be doing "trendy" two months in a row! LOL

I read THE HELP recently and really enjoyed it, but I also thought it had some flaws. And to be honest, it hasn't stayed with me the way I expected it to.

I started THE HUNGER GAMES on audio during my recent vacation but it was a library download and had a glitch, so I only got through about a third of it before my borrowing period ended. :(